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The difference between Favro Lite, Standard and Enterprise plans
The difference between Favro Lite, Standard and Enterprise plans

Compare the Lite and Standard plans to see what is best for you and your colleagues

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Favro is the planning and collaboration app that really makes work flow. Favro has plans starting at various prices, including the Lite plan, the Standard plan, and the Enterprise plan.

The Lite Plan

Favro's Lite Plan is suitable for teams that require a simple, limited version of Favro with limited collaboration. The Lite plan offers limited features, including:

  • 5 Collections 

  • Limited storage space

  • No reporting

  • Basic support

  • 25 automation per month

  • Only primary integrations

  • OAuth via Google & GitHub

The Lite plan still offers access to boards and backlogs, enabling your work to flow easily.

If you require more features or accessibility in the future and you are signed up for the Lite plan, it is very easy to upgrade your plan to the Standard plan for more features and fewer limits on your work.

Pricing for the Lite plan starts at only $5.1 per user.

The Standard Plan

Favro's Standard plan is suitable for teams that require more features for their workflow and bigger teams that want to collaborate with external and internal teams. Who wants to integrate different tools with Favro. The standard plan offers the following features:

  • Unlimited collections

  • Unlimited private collections

  • Unlimited boards and backlogs

  • Unlimited apps and integrations

  • Unlimited storage

  • All integrations

  • Guest accounts

  • Standard support

  • 5000 automation per month

  • 1000 API calls

  • OAuth via Google & GitHub

Standard plan can offer all the needed features to start your team working on your projects. If additional features or better security possibilities are needed, you can upgrade your plan to an Enterprise plan for all the possible functionalities.

Pricing for our Standard plan starts at $6.8 per user.

Enterprise plan

Favo's Enterprise plan is suitable for big teams, enterprise-level companies or teams that want all the possible security options. The Enterprise plan offers the following features:

  • All that is included in the Standard plan


To get more information about the Enterprise plan pricing, please check in with our sales team.

Visit our pricing page for more details on all of our plans!

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