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Automations in Favro
Automations in Favro

How to use automations in Favro

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How automations work:

Automations are how you can create your own processes and rules in boards in Favro. You can create automations based on templates that have been created for you, or you can customize and create your own automations.

You can use automations to:

  • create recurring cards

  • automatically assign users

  • move or add cards to boards based on status

  • change card fields

and many more options.

To find automations, you can either:

  • Go to your board menu > Automations

  • Go to a column menu > Create automation

  • Go to the card menu > Create a recurring Automation.

From the gallery, as shown below, you can:

  • Create your automations

  • Watch our automations tutorial video

  • Check out which automations are currently in use in that boards on your dashboard

  • See how many actions you have left for the month

  • Give feedback

  • and check out our help center articles.

To create an automation, you can either choose from many pre-made automations templates, or you can click on 'Create custom'. You will then be given choices for your trigger action and the action that occurs when the trigger occurs:

For the When this happens trigger, you can set your automation to trigger when the card is in a certain state. For the Do this trigger, the card will do whatever the action tells it to do.

For example:

When a card is assigned a specific status, the action is to change a card field. You can select the value of the field to change this like so:

As soon as the card is assigned the specified status, the card color would be added to the card.

Another example would be in reminders for cards due dates:

When the due date of a card arrives, the action is to send a notification to specific members reminding them to check the card to see if it is complete.

Automations can ease your workflow and processes, with automations working across both boards and collections, so you can use automations to collaborate across teams.

If you have any more questions about automations, please contact customer success.

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