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How to use Shareable Links in your organization

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Shareable links are the perfect way to share work with external parties who don't have access to your Favro organization.

You can share both collections and boards with other users and external parties using the shareable links feature. To access shareable links, follow these steps:


Collection menu > Get shareable link


Board menu (...) > Get shareable link

Levels of accessibility

There are three different levels of accessibility in our shareable links feature.

  1. Members of the collection

  2. Users with the same domain email

  3. Anyone with the link

Choose views

When using a board-level shareable link, you can choose which view you would like the board to be seen in. Each view link is different so that you can share the same board in multiple links with different views.

Shareable links allow externals to view your boards in the view you have chosen.

Cards and comments

If you are on the enterprise plan, you are able to toggle on opening cards and adding comments for users who do not belong to the organization.

For Enterprise company setup please check this article: Shareable links for Enterprises - Secure sharing without adding a user in Favro

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