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Dashboards is in early access and currently available for Enterprise and trial plans.

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One of the most essential tools for tracking and seeing a project's big picture is Dashboards. With it, you can scan through the tasks to find the pain points that are dragging the project behind or take a look at what is being worked on currently in the pipeline.

Favro Dashboards can do all that and much more. You can create your own dashboards from anywhere, with the possibility to duplicate and export or share between your colleagues, providing the most needed data with a few clicks of a button. You can create different types of charts (continuously being updated) and go deep into each widget's data card by card.


  1. Select multiple boards/collections from which you can gather data to show on widgets.

  2. Filter the whole dashboard or separate widgets.

  3. Create widgets by choosing from multiple different charts and tables. (More options being added in the future).

  4. Manage widgets with dimension and measurement options.

  5. Rearrange widgets freely, expanding and minimizing to a wanted size and location.

  6. Export widget (chart/list) to CSV/Excel/PNG or copy to clipboard.

  7. Copy widgets.

  8. Review widget data and open each card included in the data.

  9. Include archived cards to be visible in the dashboard.

How to setup Dashboards

  1. Choose a board or create a new one by choosing the Dashboard board view.

  2. Select the boards or collections from which you want to gather data.

  3. Create widgets by selecting the widget type, dimensions representing a field on the boards/collections, and measurements representing a number field/card count on the boards/collections.


Currently, you can choose from these widget types:


  • Pie Chart (Enterprise plan only)

  • Bar Chart (Enterprise plan only)

  • Table (Enterprise plan only)

  • Sheet (All plans)


  • Burndown (All plans)


  • Control Chart (All plans)

  • Cumulative Flow Chart (All plans)


Archived cards:

  • Include archived cards in dashboards

Widget menu:

  • Copy to Clipboard

  • Export to Excel/CSV/PNG

  • Copy widget


  • Dashboards will be replacing Advanced Search and board Charts view. Features from Advanced Search and Charts view will be added to Dashboards in upcoming months.

  • Full Dashboards functionality is available for the Enterprise plan only. The Standard plan will have fewer options to choose from the charts.

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