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Collaborating with externals in Favro
Collaborating with externals in Favro

Invite external members and decide exactly what they need to see

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If you want to invite freelancers, clients, or other externals to your organization, you can invite them as external members. An external member is similar to a full member as they have access to all the functionalities of a regular member, with the main difference being that they initially don't see anything in your organization (including public collections). External members will count towards the user limit, just like a regular member. You can decide for each individual collection if the external member should have access or not. They will also not be able to access the administration menu or edit the organization. They can however create private collections and invite guests to their collections. 

Inviting externals to your Favro organization is great for enabling closer collaboration on joint projects. It keeps both parties informed and up to speed with everything related to the project. In this guide we'll go over:

  1. How to invite external members 

  2. How to invite guests

  3. Who can invite external members and guests

1. How to invite external members

Start by inviting the person to your organization by going to Administration, Invites, then enter their e-mail adress, choose External member and click Send invite

You can invite External members in any Favro plan.

The external member will then receive an e-mail that they have been invited to collaborate with you in Favro.

If you have previously invited externals as 'guest users' you can now convert them into 'external members' to allow these users to perform basically all of the same actions as a full member. If you want to convert a guest, go to Administration, Members, click on the guest you wish to convert and choose Upgrade guest to External member. Please note that only Administrators can upgrade guest users.

This way you can collaborate closer with your clients, they can take part in the planning and track the progress without risking that sensitive information from other collections is shared.

2. How to invite guests

If you want to invite users with more limited permissions you can add guests to one of your collections. Simply select Invite external guests... from the collection drop down menu.

You can invite guests only on Standard and Enterprise plans.

In the following pop up, you can add the e-mail of the guest and click Send invite.

In the collections that the guests are invited to they can add and move cards, assign members, edit the description, comment etc. They can also get notifications related to the cards they are subscribing to and have their own to do list. 

Guests users cannot:

  • Create or edit any widgets: collections, boards or columns. 

  • Turn on/off any Apps or Integrations.

  • Filter cards on a board.

  • Access the calendar, timeline,  advanced search or timesheet reports.

  • Open the Administration panel or change any settings related to the organization.

  • Invite other members or guests to the organization or to specific collections.

  • Create new tags (only choose between existing ones).

  • Create or use templates.

  • Create groups. 

Guests do not count towards the user limit as they are mainly used for sharing information and therefore are limited in what they can do in the app. Guests can also not be invited from your own domain. If you want deeper collaboration (but remain the same level of sharing control), you can upgrade your guests to external members.

Please also keep in mind that each member of an organization can have up to 1 guest. 

3. Who can invite external members and guests

By default only administrators are able to invite and upgrade external members and guests. However as an administrator you can change the settings so that regular Members can invite guests as well.

To do this, click Administration in the avatar menu.

Under the Settings menu, you can edit the permissions. By ticking the first box on the list, you can allow members to invite guests too.

For collections, only the collection owners can invite guests. If a member would like to add guests to a current collection, the member would need to ask the owner. In addition, collection owners can make members as additional owners in order for them to have the ability to add guests.

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