If your organization is on an enterprise plan, you can benefit from the managing collections feature in Favro.

To access this feature in the tool, you can go to your organization > administration > collections, which leads you to this page:

An administrator within the organization will be able to see who the owners are in each collection, and can search by collection name. They will be able to sort in alphabetical, activity ascending and activity descending order.

They will also be able to see if a collection is organization wide, public, private, archived, or private without an owner.

They will not be able to access the content of the collection unless invited by an owner or a member, but can see the name of the collection, owners & members.
Additionally, managed collections means that an administrator can also see when the collection was last active, and are able to archive old collections.

You can see what other features are included in the enterprise plan on our pricing page.

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