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Advanced search can be found in the profile menu, in the top left corner of the main view. This app lets you build reports from adjustable filter criteria and display them using visual charts.

Start by selecting your desired criteria for the report.

Get additional criteria for your report by clicking the Add criteria button. There's a great variety of options to filter by.


Only shared field information can be visible in the Advanced search if you created a column, the information can not be added as a criteria for the Report.

To read more about the difference between Columns and Advanced search, click here.

To the right of your report criteria you'll find a gear button. Here you can choose to hide/show columns, include/exclude archived cards and export your report as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

The charts button is located just to the left of the gear button. Clicking this opens a window where you can build your own charts to display the filtered information.

In the top left corner of the Advanced search view, you'll have the option to save the report. You can choose to share it to yourself only, everyone in your organization or a specified set of people.

All saved reports that are shared with you will be displayed in the list to the left.

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