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Do you have a free plan?

We do not have any free plans at Favro, plans start from 2 users.

How long is the free trial?
The free trial is 14 days long.

Do you have a plan for single users?
We do not have single user plans, but plans for smaller teams start from 2 users.

How do user buckets work?
Our user buckets go up in 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50+. For example, if you have 3 users, you will be on a 5 user plan. If you go over 5 users, you will be on a 10 user plan and will be charged the difference between user buckets.

What is the difference between the plans?
We have 3 plans here at Favro, Lite, Standard, and Enterprise. 

The Lite plan is limited in functionality, and you cannot use apps and integrations, have more than 5 collections, or make collections private. Read our article on the lite plan to find out more.

The Standard plan is the next step up, and includes features such as integrations, reports and guest accounts.

The Enterprise plan is our best plan, and has features such as timesheets, and 24 hour support included. 

Read more about each of the plans in this article.

How can I change my billing frequency?
To change to monthly or annual payments, you will have to cancel your subscription and then resubscribe. Don't worry, you won't lose any data.

How can I change my email address?
Currently, there is no way to change your email, you will have to invite the new email and then remove the old one as a user. 

Can I use Favro after I cancel my plan for the rest of the paid period?

When canceling a plan, you lose full access to Favro. We suggest canceling before your plan renewal date. To be aware, your data is not deleted when a plan is canceled. Even after a while, you can come back and continue where you left off with a new plan.

Are there folders for collections in Favro?

There are collection folders where you can add your collections and sort them.

How do I edit templates?
From the Template Editor you can edit all the card/board/collection templates you have created and others have shared with you.

Why can't I add a card or row to my board?
Check if filters are running on your boards, and if they are, turn them off. You should be able to add a new card or row.

What is a card, board, backlog, collection?
Head on over to the Favro Glossary to find out what each of these terms means.

Do you have dependencies in Favro?
We do not use dependencies in the sense of "if one card moves another moves with it", but in Favro you can add cards to other cards to create a link. 

What import/export options do you have?
You can import from Basecamp, Trello (not backlogs), csv or xlsx.
You can export to excel, csv, and JSON.

Where can I view and manage the members of my organization?
If you click on your organization > administration > members you can view and manage the members of your organization.

Can I change the order of my custom fields or collections?
This is not possible as collections and fields are sorted alphabetically, but for collections you can prioritize and organize collections by pinning or starring them in your organization or adding to collection folders.

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