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Favro Glossary
Favro Glossary

Some basic Favro terms that are good to know for getting started with the tool

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An organization is the space you share with your fellow team members where you collaborate and plan your work. Your organization can have as many team members and collections as you need.

A board represents your team's workflow. You can add and move around the columns on the board, allowing you to reflect on the way you are working.

In a backlog, you can enter all the tasks and ideas that you want to work on, but don't want to start yet. It might be ideas for a specific project, the weekly plan for a team, or even a client brief.

The collections are workspaces where you group your boards and backlogs. The collections can be used for a specific projects, teams, or clients.

It's possible to have or display any backlog or board in multiple collections so that you can have an overview of many workflows at once by gathering boards and backlogs from different collections.

A card can be used as a space to write down any tasks and information. Cards can be dragged and dropped to different boards, so you can keep an eye on different tasks in multiple collections.

It is possible to insert images, files, checklists, bullet points and numbered lists in to a card, alongside custom fields that can improve your workflow.

You can use swimlanes to assign multiple sections of your boards to different people, different classes of priority, or even different time frames. 

You can build dashboards to get live updates of work flowing through your processes in one central place. Add different boards to your dashboard to have an overview of all the projects you need to monitor.

Tags are used in cards and lanes and can be used to improve readability, simplify your searches, and group items together.

A checklist can be used in a card to easily view the tasks you need to do in order to complete the main task on the card. You can sort your checklists by objective, purpose and success tasks.

Turn on time estimation on your boards to view how long a single task or the whole board's tasks will take to be completed. You can use these estimations in your reports.

Apps allow you to customise your collection by adding a little bit of complexity where it's needed. They can help track time and progress, set up rules and automate your workflow.

You can star selections to make sure that you can find them quickly. When you star a collection in the collection browser, they show up at the bottom of the screen for quick and easy access.

Team Members
Team members are the people you work with in Favro, they can be assigned to cards and organize their work on boards and backlogs. A team member can be an administrator, full member, or an external guest.

Use groups to make accessing certain collections for certain departments easier for you. Go to Administration > Groups to make groups of people who need to view the same collections and boards.

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