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Template Editor is the new way to create and edit your templates. Now, all reoccurring tasks or projects can be saved as templates and reused, easily edited any time it needs an update. This can save time and ensure that the content is constantly the same.

From the top left menu, choose Template Editor to access it.

You can create and edit Card/Board/Collection/Folder templates in the Template Editor. All the changes done for the templates are saved on the go, the next time the template is used, it will have the updated version.


  1. Return to Favro - get back to the main Favro screen.

  2. Jump to - search for template and open it.

  3. Templates list - all the available templates shared with you and created by you.

  4. Create new template - option to create a new template and with whom to share it.

  5. Template content - where you can input information into your template.


When saving a template, you can choose what you want to include in the template, like cards, members, and automations.

Can specify who Can use, Can edit, or be an Owner of the template by selecting specific members, collections, or groups. For all members in the organization, you can set the template to be Hidden, Owner, Can edit, or Can use.

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