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How to set card dependencies

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It is important that teams are in sync so that everyone is aware of who is responsible for what, and how the work of each team member affects others.

For everyone to be up to date, it is important to provide dependencies at a task level. This helps to avoid any unnecessary friction.

To apply dependencies In Favro, just click on the relevant card and choose the option Dependencies:

With the Dependencies option you can:

  • Add before and after dependencies

  • Remove dependencies

  • Find/go to a dependency on a board

  • Change the status of a dependency

  • Leave a comment regarding a dependency

Adding dependencies:

Once you are in the Dependencies option, you can choose either of these options: Add before dependency or Add after dependency. Simply choose the option you want and then search for the relevant card.

Removing a dependency:

Click on the card you want to remove the dependency from and then select the option Remove dependency.

Finding/going to a dependent card

There are a few ways to find a card with a dependency on it.

  1. Open a card and choose the Dependencies menu. Then choose the dependency’s card and click Go to card on board.

  2. Click on the dependencies on a board and choose the option Go to card.

  3. Follow the dependency to other cards that are connected.

Dependencies appear differently in different board views:

Kanban view

Sheet view

Roadmap view

Dependencies on different boards/collections

When a card is set in a different board or collection, the dependencies line will not be visible. Instead, you will see a marker indicating that the dependency is in another board/collection.

Seeing/Changing the status of dependencies

You can see the status of a dependency simply by clicking on it.

To change the status of a dependency, open the relevant card and choose the Dependencies menu. Click on the status of the card you want and change it.

Leaving comments regarding a dependency

You can leave a comment on a card regarding a specific dependency - this can help others to be aware of the task at hand or to follow up on it. To add a comment click on the Comment button in the Dependencies menu and leave your comment:

Tips and Tricks

  • You can use the keyboard key ''D'' as a shortcut for setting up dependencies.

  • You can set dependencies for more than one card at the same time. To do this, firstly have your board in Sheet view. Then mark the cards you would like to have dependencies on, and choose the card to have the dependencies with.

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