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Prioritising tasks in Roadmap view
Prioritising tasks in Roadmap view

See the big picture and prioritize features development and tasks in one roadmap view.

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With the roadmap view you can visually map out direction, goals and schedule for your company. By openly communicate your roadmap planning to your team or the entire organization it help creating alignment with the teams. You can also use it to create a visual schedule for your marketing campaigns and release events in a single view.

A card will appear as a coloured block on the roadmap view and will only show cards that is currently on that board. By adding or moving cards to the board they will show up on the view as long as they have a Timeline field.

Plan by week, month or quarter

Teams can choose how they want to show the roadmap. The roadmap view will let you map out bigger epics with the option to display by quarter as well as daily tasks in the weekly view.

Roadmap settings

By clicking the eye icon in the top right corner you can:

Show dates on the card in the view.
โ€‹Show relations on cards if you want to see the names of the boards and backlogs on which the card lives. It will be in the order of column - board/backlog.
โ€‹Show days of the week if you need to show the days along with the dates.

With the option to toggle the view for a board you can do your planning in sheets and then show it as a timeline to get a visual overview of how you have done your planning.ย 

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