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Tips and tricks for pros

Multi select, shortcuts, copying, filters, and quick navigation

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Now that Favro has become one of the integral tools of your work day, you might find yourself working with a lot of data in Favro. In this article you will find some "quality of life" features that are sure to make your Favro experience even more enjoyable.

Multi select cards to edit them in batches

You can assign, tag, color, and add cards from one place to the next in batches. You can multi select cards in Favro by holding Alt and clicking whatever cards to edit. You can also select a range (in for instance a column) by clicking the first card, holding Shift, and clicking the last. If you select more than one card in a backlog, you get additional options which you can read more about here.

Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Favro input

Favro comes with a wide range of handy shortcuts, all of which can be accessed in-app by pressing the H key. There's a shortcut for most basic actions, but some of our favorites include:

  • N: Create a new card wherever your cursor is, very useful during planning.

  • Spacebar: Hovering a card and hitting the spacebar will assign the card to yourself, super handy when picking up work to be done.

  • M: Commit that work to your board.

  • B: Hide backlogs so you can focus on your work boards.

  • C: Archive it when you're done ๐Ÿ‘

Cut out the noise with filters

The larger the team or project, the more cards in your backlogs and on your boards. If you want to drill down into a specific work category, get overview of what is blocked, or just see your current work, filters let you cut out the distractions so you can focus.

Need to do something again? Copy that card!

Sometimes you have repeated assignments, weekly commitments, or just things to do that are similar in nature. With copy card you can easily recreate and modify cards with a few clicks. You can access this feature from the card's More menu, from the quick edit icon on the card, and from the backlog menu (โ‹ฎ). In the copy dialog you have the option of bringing everything across or just a subset of the data in the card. You also get to choose where the copy should be created. Note that this is an entirely new card and different from when you add a card to another backlog or board.

Quick access to your teams and projects

If you work in different projects and teams, you probably have a few collections set up already. You might also have been shared some additional collections for information sharing purposes. By starring collections, you get easy access to your most important views from the bottom bar. Jump between teams and projects by clicking the collection names, or using the shortcut Alt-number.

If you already are a Favro pro and are looking to introduce Favro to new team members, you might want to send them to our getting started section to learn the basics.

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