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Create templates for common practices and repeated work
Create templates for common practices and repeated work

Card, backlog, board, and collection templates for your team

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Some processes just work. Because they work, and work well, you want to re-use them again and again. This is where templates come in. You can create templates from cards, backlogs, boards, and even entire collections. This makes it super easy to recreate your best processes and set up new teams in a matter of seconds.

Make sure all details are added with card templates

Sometimes it is really important that certain details are always added to a card. If you for instance are reporting bugs, adding client briefs, or doing legal work, some information always needs to be there. With card templates, you can pre-populate cards with any content you might need to make sure nothing is missed. In the image you can see, as an example, what will follow with the template.

You can create a template from any card by opening the card, clicking More..., and Save as card template. Once saved, you can set it so that any backlog or board uses the template for newly created cards by going to the backlog/board menu (⋮), More, and Set card template...

When you create checklists in a card it will also follow through with the template, wherever you want to use it.

Templates can also be used together with automation in order to apply them in a specific instance. Only card templates can be used.

Backlog and board templates let you re-use your best processes

When setting up new sprints, epic tracking boards, projects, and more, you can use backlog and board templates to re-use processes that work. Templates will include any workflow rules and layout changes you've made. You can save any backlog or board as a template by going to the hamburger menu, More, and Save as board/backlog template... You can now use these templates right from the backlog/board creation dialog.

Set up new teams and more with collection templates

As Favro spreads in your organization, setting up new teams and departments is a breeze with collection templates. By clicking the collection name, Collection options, and Save as collection template..., you now have a one-click way of getting a new team started with Favro.

Additional information

There are some limitations for templates that you should keep in mind when setting these up:

  • 8 backlogs and boards per collection template.

  • 128 cards per backlog, board, or collection template.

  • 24 columns per board per template.

  • 12 lanes per board per template.

If any of the above limits are exceeded, the template will not be saved.

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