Break Down To...

If you have a card that requires a large amount of effort, you may want to break it down to a backlog or a board.

If you break down the card to a board and a backlog, your card will reflect this as seen below. 

These notes on the card are called relations. On your lists and boards, you will find an icon next to the context menu signifying it has been broken down from a card.

If you click this icon, the card it is broken down from will pop up and you can edit the parent card from here.

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  • It looks like breaking down a card to a board doesn't take the tasks out or turn them into cards, etc. Seems like it should, otherwise what is the point of breaking down a card to a board?

  • I agree with Timoni, I don't quite understand how this works, its seem like it should basically be sub-tasks (where the main card cant be completed until all sub-tasks are complete), but if it doesn't create actual new cards its nothing more than Tasklist.

    It's confusing when it's indicating there might be say a sub-task on backlog, and another on a board, but then those boards don't have a single sub-task.

  • As you mentioned, breaking down to card or backlog doesn't create cards from tasks.

    In some cases, there might be a card which requires a lot of work. By using break down to card feature, you can create a process that has columns such as categories, workflow steps, pipeline stages or people.

  • Is there a way to create 'sub-task' cards then that relate to a parent/story card?

  • Unfortunately, it's not possible to create sub-tasks as cards and then relate them to a parent card on a board. Only task list option can be used on a card. On the other hand, in your backlogs, you can break down large tasks, stories or ideas into new cards by using a tree structure. This can be very useful if you realize a card subject is far too large to be handled well.

    You can read more about tree structure cards in backlog here:

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