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You can share links to cards so that members of your organization can easily navigate to the specified item from outside the tool.

If you want to get a link to a specific card just press the ID of the card in top left corner.


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  • Would it be possible to make the card ID be the card link, rather than a link to pop up a form for copying the link? It would save a lot of clicking about to copy links from a bunch of cards into another location, or middle-click to open cards in separate tabs.

  • Hi Bret,
    We are actually looking into giving the card pop-up a bit of an overhaul and we're aiming for a better UX in general. I can't say if this change would be included as just getting the link to your clipboard is an expected behavior for many people but it is a valid suggestion.

  • How about making the card ID be the actual link, then adding a tiny icon next to it with the existing behavior, eg

  • To give you an idea of why the current behavior gets in the way: Say we're doing a card grooming session. We scan down a big list together and say "today let's groom that one, that one, aaaaand... these four". As we're doing that we want to get each of those six cards open in their own tabs. We'll then discuss each card in turn, and close its tab when we're done.

    To get each card open in its own tab currently, it's 9 steps for each card:
    1. Click the card
    2. Click the ID
    3. Click "copy to clipboard" in the popup
    4. Command-T to open a new tab
    5. Command-V to paste the URL in the location bar
    6. Press Enter to open the card in that tab
    7. Click back to original tab
    8. Click off of the "copy to clipboard" popup to dismiss it
    9. Click off of the card to dismiss it

    To get each card open in its own tab with the card ID being the link, it's 3 steps for each card:
    1. Click the card
    2. Middle-click/Option-click the card ID to open the card in a separate tab
    3. Click off of the card to dismiss it

    Make sense?

    (I recognize the current affordance is for people who would have no idea that they could middle-click, or right-click and copy the URL using their browser... That's why I'm suggesting the existing behavior be kept, but attached to something next to the card ID itself.)

  • This does absolutely make sense but it isn't a priority right now. We will however keep it in mind for any UX changes we make in the future.

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