Working with time reporting in creative agencies


Time is of the essence! Especially when it comes to billing your clients. When deployed correctly, time is an effective measurement of productivity, quality, and value. That’s why project and traffic managers spend a good chunk of their working lives asking how much of it is being spent on high priority tasks, and whether too much is being spent on the wrong things.

Whether your agency is contracted to work on an hourly, monthly, or project basis, recording your time is an important part of any brief. This article will show you how you can seamlessly track time in Favro, without using external tools.

To get started, enable the Timesheets app in the Favro App Store.



You’ll find it under the ‘Productivity’ heading.



With timesheets enabled, all team members can easily record the duration of individual activities on a specific card.



Users can then categorize timesheet entries by creating activity categories; enabling them to further break down the time dedicated to individual actions, in a clear and transparent way.



Once team members have logged their time, admins can get a real-time view of what’s being worked on, how much time is being spent on different activities within the overall task, and whether the project will be completed within the estimated time.



They can also see who worked on what, when it was worked on, and how long different team members spent on each task, using the Timesheet reports app. You’ll find this app in the navigation menu, in the top right corner, under ‘App Selection’.



The app allows admins to easily filter out, save, and export the information they need, whenever they need it.



Thanks to Favro’s intuitive interface, time reporting and project management becomes a natural, integral part of both an individual user’s and a wider team’s workflow.

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