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Advanced Progress Management

Track your overall task progress

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Tracking progress can be difficult when working with different departments. It requires tracking multiple assets in different locations and also reviewing the overall progress in a way that is easily understandable and visible.

With Advanced Progress Management, you can track and see your subtasks aggregating to your deliverables showing you the average completion percentage. You can follow the progress by status or checklists inside your cards.


  1. Choose if you want to track progress by a selected status or checklists inside cards;

  2. Select multiple boards from different collections to track progress;

  3. Select different statuses on each chosen board as the definition of done;

  4. Name Progress bar column under the name after selected boards;

  5. Choose if you want to include all the child cards in the progress or only the ones which are on the definition of done boards/checklists;

How to setup the Advanced Progress Management bar

  1. Add the Progress column on any of your boards.

  2. Choose what definition of done you would like to track:

    1. Status

    2. Checklist

  3. If Status is chosen, then select the boards from which you want to gather the progress and choose the status on which you would want to mark as 100% completion.

  4. Press Save and track the progress by adding cards to the boards and moving them through the statuses.


  • Archived cards are not included in the progress even if they are visible on the board.

  • Choose if you want the cards not on the boards to aggregate and show 0% or not be included in the aggregation.

The option to include cards:

How it looks when not included:

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