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Timeline field visibility

How to show only the wanted timeline fields

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Sometimes a board can become overcrowded with multiple dates, milestones, and meetings in the Timeline view. Cards having multiple dates inside will show the same card multiplied on the board.

Trying to understand which date is which requires hovering over or opening the card to know. Often this can cause frustration or time wasting when only a quick glance at the board is needed.


A workaround for this is to add custom dates or timeline fields on the board and make them only visible in the collection you want to see those dates.


1. Create custom date of timeline fields on the board.

2. Add the cards to different boards (in example boards are Release Dates and Meeting Dates) on different collections.

3. In these boards open any added card and go to the custom date or timeline field Customize option.

4. Go to the Visible tab and select Specific collections. There include only these collections:

  • From where the field should come from (in the example, the field is called Meeting, and the collection name is Meeting)

  • The main collection where you would have all the fields available.

  • Alternatively, any other that you would like to see if there is a need outside these main collections.

5. Press Save.

6. In the main timeline collection press Create board ( + ) button and choose Add from another collection option. Add the boards from each different collection to your main timeline collection, where all fields are visible.

Now in your main timeline collection, you can see the timeline board with all the dates and other boards with only the specific date or timeline fields. This way you can separate the dates into different boards and also have better visibility.

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