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Card Relations

How to see your cards place and status in one place.

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You can often find yourself with duplicates of the same card. Or you may have too many of the same cards in different boards or collections, where each team has a different way of setting up information.

To avoid confusion and frustration you can use the card relations option to always see where cards are and what their status is.

To use card relations, simply click on the card and choose the option On boards:

With the On boards option you can:

  • Add a card to a board;

  • Remove a card from a board;

  • Move card to another board;

  • Find/go to a card on a different board;

  • Change a card’s status;

  • Manage a board order.

Adding/removing a card

To add a card to another board simply click the Add button and choose the board you would like to add the card to:

To remove a card, just click on the board you want to remove the card from and press Remove from board.

Moving/finding/going to card

To move a card to another board, simply click on the name of the board the card is currently on and choose Move to another board:

To find where a card is, click Go to card on board and it will open the board with the card highlighted.

Parent cards

If the card you are currently working on has a parent card, it will show up like this in the On board menu:

By clicking on the parent card, you can then choose from two options: Go to parent card on board or open the parent card. The second option opens the card instantly without going into the board.

If you hover over the parent card, you will see the card’s information.

Changing a card’s status

In order to change the status of each version of the same card on different boards, simply press the Status field in the On board menu.

Managing board order

If you would like to change the order of the cards on a board, you can simply drag and drop them to set the board up as you like.

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