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Collection Folder

How to use Collection Folders in your organization

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Structure teams, projects, and content better with collection folders. Add your collections, and make folders visible according to collection visibility.

Collection folders are a great way to organize collections within your organization, allowing each user to find what they need more easily. They are also a great way to tidy up an organization and organize those collections based on user and organization preferences.

Collection folders allow you to:

  • Add existing collections to new folders

  • Star or pin folder with all the available collections

  • Create new collections in the folder

  • Add color to folders

Collection and folder visibility

Folder visibility depends on the collections that are inside it. If you have a folder with only private collections, other members who do not have access to the collections will not see the folder either.

If there is at least one organization-wide collection in the folder, the whole folder will be visible with that collection.

In addition to the visibility, when searching for a collection, you can also search by folder to easily find all the collections inside it.

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