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Batch Edit in Sheets

How to use the Batch Editing feature in your sheets

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Favro's sheets are useful for storing data and information in a visually clear way.

In sheet view, you can edit rows individually, or batch edit your rows, so that you can update your information in a fast and efficient way.

To use the batch edit feature, you can:

1. Select the rows you would like to edit

2. Select the column you would like to batch edit

3. Change the cells to the option you need!

It is as simple as that to batch edit your sheets in Favro. This can be done for any column type.

Additionally, you can see the sum/total of your selected rows:

For example, if you select two rows in this board, the number of applicants for only those rows is calculated.

It is now easy to see multiple different totals and sums when using the batch edit feature on your boards!

If you have any more questions about the feature, you can contact our customer success team.

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