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How to create a view only collection in Favro

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If you want your team members to be able to view information in a collection, but not be able to edit the information, here are the steps you can take to create a view only collection that only the owner can edit. 


  1. Create your collection, it can be private, organization wide, or public

  2. Go to your collection settings > manage members

3. Untick the 'members can create and re-orders boards and backlogs' option

Now members cannot create or move boards or backlogs.

Additionally, On a board level, to prevent members from adding or editing cards you will also need to do the following for all the wanted boards:

4. Click on the (...) menu > Permissions

5. Disable the 'members can add and edit cards' option

Now you will have a view only collection for your organization that you can use with both members and guests.

Comments on cards will still be available, so anyone who has access to the collection will be able to comment on cards.

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