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Unified Views and how it works
Unified Views and how it works

How unified views work in Favro

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A unified view between all of your Kanbans, Sheets, and Timelines has now been implemented.

Favro has now linked all of your views so that you can view your boards and cards in an easier, more user friendly way.

Kanban Status
Now, when switching between sheet and Kanban view, you will be able to see the status of your cards in the Kanban when in the sheet view.

When you put dates in your cards in Kanban or sheet view and drag them to a new timeline, they will now automatically be updated in the timeline view, saving you from inputting your dates manually. 

Custom Fields and Columns
View the columns from your sheets on your cards automatically so that you never lose sight of the tasks you are assigned to.

This works for all custom fields and columns, enabling you to see every aspect of your tasks from within your cards.

My Cards
View the sheet columns from all of your boards in 'my cards' so that you have a complete overview of where you are at with your assigned tasks. 

And there you go! An update that completely unifies your views. 

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