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Re-imagined GANTT chart in Favro
Re-imagined GANTT chart in Favro

Use the GANTT chart model successfully in Favro

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Using the GANTT chart format in Favro couldn't be simpler than this. In Favro, you have the right tools to make a re-imagined GANTT chart for your workflow needs. 

Add cards to your roadmap

Add cards to your roadmap to give you an overview of all the tasks your project requires to be completed.

Add members to your cards

Adding members to your cards is quick and easy, and gives you a clear overview of what each member of your team is contributing.

Customize your cards

Add checklists and custom fields to your cards to give everyone a detailed overview of what specifically needs to be done in your tasks, and what needs to be done to achieve these goals. Add estimations of when your work will be completed to show the team the time estimate for the project overall.
Colour code different tasks by department or by person to make your chart clear. 

Attach images, files etc

Easily create lists, attach files and attach images to your card to give every member of your team the information they need to understand what your task is about. Provide updates in the comments bar of your cards and ask others about their tasks in their cards.

You can also monitor your re-imagined GANTT chart in sheet view for an ordered list of tasks and their custom fields.

And there you go! A GANTT chart re-imagined in Favro. 

Now you can have a good overview of the who is assigned to which task, the details of their tasks, how their tasks overlap with other members of the team, and show when your projects could be completed. 

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