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All Teams Expansion - The walkthrough
All Teams Expansion - The walkthrough

All Teams Expansion is introducing new functionality, notifications and a updated look.

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Favro has undergone a bit of a makeover. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the changes and we’re also gonna have a look at improvements made to existing functionality.

From the start, you might notice this new purple sidebar. This is the place to access your profile menu. But more importantly, this is where your collections live now. They can be pinned to the whole organization, starred for you personally or can be public for everyone with the link.

The profile have moved from the right hand side of the workspace to the top of the sidebar. Here you will find:

  • Administration (Apps and integration have moved here).

  • Invite people.

  • Calendar.

  • Timesheet reports.

  • Advanced search.

  • Recycle bin.

Notifications and badges

We’ve revamped the notification system to be better adjusted to the new collections. When a card undergoes some sort of change, this can be anything from a comment to an updated deadline, the collection that card lives in will be highlighted to indicate that something inside has changed, you can choose to mute or leave collections in case you don't want specific collections to alert you.

The cards themselves will also feature a badge to indicate that a change has occurred since you last looked at it. The colors of the badges indicate different actions:

  • Red badges is displayed when you have been mentioned or assigned on a card. These will also be shown on the card and on the collection name.

  • Blue badges indicate changes made in the card, it displays a general update to the card. They will show on the cards.

  • Arrow badges indicate that the card have been moved.

  • Bold collection names indicate that changes have been made in the collection.

Activity feed

We brought our card activity feeds to the collection level, and have replaced the news feed. By default it  displays changes that have occurred in the current collection. but if you prefer to oversee the whole organization it's one quick toggle away.

Board toggles

Moving back to the boards. You might have noticed this view switcher. You can now choose between viewing your cards in the classic kanban view, on a roadmap, or in a sheet. Everyone can now work in their own preferred way. Kanban for flows, sheets for simple tracking of project statuses or record keeping, and roadmap for tracking company goals.

Extra tip: You can set a default view for each board mode, which means that you can set a default view for everyone in the organisation.

My cards

To wrap things up, let’s move back to the side bar to find that we renamed the Todo-list to My cards. This view now has more filtering options and should help you find your cards wherever they are. The cards assigned to you now have a dedicated view, letting you work on them directly from here.

If you have any questions or feedback, just reach out to our friendly customer success team below!

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