With sheets you can organize the workflow of your team in one place. Manage tasks by priority status, ownership and deadlines, or make your sales processes more transparent and fast. Track prospective buyers, closed deals and company goals with multiple boards and views.

The work you do in sheet mode will reflect in the other modes, you can read more about board toggles and how you can set up a workflow with all three modes.

Power up your sheets with columns and custom fields

When adding columns you can choose to get information from the different card fields (such as attachments or checklists) or you can create your own columns. You can also link a custom field to a column, which will be shown with the icon to the right. The difference between a custom field and a column is that a custom field is card specific, while a column is only used for sheets.

Saving the layout with templates

Sheets support templates, as you may have multiple boards with the same layout. Creating templates for sheets work the same as with board templates, note though that the template created will be using columns and can only be used for sheets.

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Knowing the basics, you now have the option of taking a deeper look at everything that makes Favro stand out:

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