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Combining sheets, roadmap and Kanban boards
Combining sheets, roadmap and Kanban boards

Examples of making work flow.

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By combining each of the new board toggles you will be able to display your work in a number of ways. Sheet's one of three board views along with Kanban and roadmap.

Visualising a recruiting process

We have created a sheet board for applicants, where we keep a record of everyone who is being called in for an interview. We are using columns to display the necessary information such as what role they are applying for, who is doing the interview and if the applicant is an in-house recruitment or external.

Another board is created to show the application workflow, from a meet & greet all the way to the offer of the position. By adding our applicants to a Kanban board as well as keeping them in a sheet board, we can visualise the process. When we add the column "Relations" this will make it more clear by showing which stage they are in the pipeline.

Managing company and employees vacations 

To keep track of the team and their vacations a way is to use a Kanban board and the roadmap toggle. You can setup the team by columns and add the team members.

By using automations to automatically set a color for each employee (represented by a card) to represent the different teams, you will quickly set up each team with their own color in the roadmap view.

The different board toggles will keep the information intact but not always displayed, making them very powerful and versatile.

Want to know more?

Hopefully this have given you some ideas on how to setup your work flow so they fit your style of working. If you have further questions just reach out to our friendly customer success team and they will be happy to help!

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