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Recover deleted items from the recycle bin
Recover deleted items from the recycle bin

Restore backlogs, boards, collections, and more

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Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes you commit the wrong card, or delete one that should not have been removed. This is easily solved with undo (cmd/ctrl+z). Other times, you might be re-organizing or consolidating information and accidentally delete bigger parts of your Favro environment. This is where the recycle bin is a real life saver.

The recycle bin is easily accessible from your avatar menu. Clicking this will open a new popup.

In this screen you can search for and restore any collection, backlog, board, column, lane, or card that has been deleted by you or someone else in your team. Deleted items will be stored for 60 days before being permanently deleted, so don't wait too long. You can search for any deleted item and filter the recycle bin to only see your deleted items or items deleted by everyone.

While deletion is less than permanent, we do still recommend archiving over deleting as this lets you report on items you've worked on. Read more about keeping Favro tidy here.

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