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Notify team members with mentions and keep up-to-date by following items

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There are many different ways of collaborating in Favro. While work is very visual and can flow naturally on boards, sometimes you need to get notified of specific changes happening in the tool. This is where mentions, follows, and notifications come in.

There are many ways to ping team members

When you need input on a specific card in Favro, you have two main tools at your disposal: mentions and assignments. Both of these actions will send a notification to the user in question.

You can mention team members in descriptions, checklists, and when adding comments to cards. Checklist mentions are especially useful when one person is responsible for completing a card but sub tasks need assistance from other people. This way, collaboration becomes more transparent for everyone involved.

Follow work items and stages in a process

Mentioning team members is a great way to communicate in Favro when you need the attention of someone else, but what if you want to automatically notified of something important? By following cards, columns, or even entire backlogs/boards, you can keep up-to-date with any changes being made.

Take it one step further by integrating with Slack

Favro integrates seamlessly with Slack, allowing you to send messages to channels depending on what happens to a card on any of your team boards. Read more here!

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