Once you've set up a few teams and have some projects running in Favro, you might be looking at different ways of consolidating information. There are many different ways of doing this, but one of our preferred methods is to build dashboards where you get live updates of work flowing through your processes in one central place.

Adding boards and backlogs to a dashboard

When you realize that you need to start overviewing multiple things, it's as easy as creating a new collection and selecting Build dashboard collection. From this view, you can search for and add any backlog or board from any collection you are part of.

By bringing in appropriate backlogs and boards from different teams and departments, you can build company dashboards, keep track of multiple projects side-by-side, and get an executive overview. 

Updates exist in both the team space and in the dashboard

No matter what kind of dashboard you build, you now get live updates whenever anyone from any team, on any project, updates a card in any of the added backlogs/boards. This is very powerful when working with larger teams, client projects, or external collaborations.

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