Struggling with too many cards rotting on your boards and not knowing where to put them once completed? Creating the habit of archiving cards on a regular basis is a great way of keeping Favro tidy and also communicating to your team that a card is done-done. 

A card typically travels from the backlog through the board columns and finally when it is completed it ends up in the right most column, typically the "Done" column. Then what? Either you can archive each card separately or you can click on the column and choose to Archive all cards at once.

Once the cards are completed in any and all processes you should also archive them from the planning backlogs. Archiving cards hides them from the view but you can still access them after they are archived by clicking the hamburger menu on the board or backlog, Show and then Show archived cards.

Even though the cards are archived they can still be counted for different reporting purposes. Make sure this is toggled on by opening Advanced search, click Settings and then Include archived cards

It's not harder than that! Archiving cards on a regular basis will definitely keep your boards tidy and your team members can focus on the upcoming and current work. 

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