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Plan activities for teams and projects in a calendar
Plan activities for teams and projects in a calendar

Create content calendars, book meetings, set deadlines for projects, and more.

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When adding start and/or due dates on cards they will automatically appear as activities in Favro's built in calendar. This allows you to overview the time frame for multiple teams and projects at once, including everything from small to-do's to large scope work items. 

Overviewing activities from multiple teams and projects

The Calendar is accessible from the App selection menu in the top right corner. 

Start by selecting which collections, boards, and backlogs you would like to view from the menu on the left pane.

If you have access to a lot of collections you can use the search field in the top left corner to quickly find what you're looking for.

Once you have filtered on the teams and projects you would like to view, cards with start and/or due dates will appear in the calendar. If you have given the boards and backlogs colors, these will be reflected on the cards to easier distinguish them.  

You can easily edit start/due dates by dragging the edges of cards to adjust the duration. 

Edit cards directly from within the calendar 

By clicking any activity in the calendar you can edit cards, add information and communicate around the work you're doing without having to leave the calendar.
Planning activities have never been this smooth!

If you already use Google or Microsoft for your calendar, you might want to connect Favro to your existing calendar.

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