Collections in Favro can be seen as your workspaces where you plan and overview work using backlogs and boards. Collections are usually divided by team, project, office location or whatever suits your way of working.

The image above is an example of a collection for a development team, with backlogs for adding and prioritizing upcoming work and boards for vizualising work in progress. To create a new collection, you need to bring up the collections browser by pressing 'O' or clicking Collections in the upper left corner.

In the collections browser you can search for collections, create new ones, star your most used ones and access collection options. To create a new collection, click the green button in the top left corner.

Here you can choose one of our many templates to help you get started, or just start completely fresh.

Next, name your collection and share it with your team by changing the visibility settings and adding members. There are three different visibility settings:

  • Private: The collection will only be accessible to you and whoever else you add
  • Organization: Everyone in the organization will be shared the collection
  • Public: Anyone on the internet with access to the collection link will be able to view the collection

When you're happy with the collection settings, just hit Save.

Your new collection has been added and you can start adding boards and backlogs to it by clicking the + icon. Here you'll also get the option to import your data from other tools or build a dashboard by adding boards and backlogs from other collections. 

Once you’ve created your collection you can customize it or change the settings by clicking on the collection name. From this menu you can show archived items or go to collection options to change the background color or select a custom background. Here you can also rename the collection, archive it if you no longer need it or save it as Template.

By clicking Share collection to... you can get an overview of all members in the collection, change the visibility settings as well as permissions

That's it, you've now added your first collection to Favro and are one step closer to better planning and collaboration. For further reading about setting up your boards and backlogs in your collection, check out this article about how work flows in Favro.

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