You can learn how to enable integrations here.

The Webhook Integration makes it possible to configure widgets to post notifications via webhooks to other adressess /services. The notifications occur based on rules you setup in the integration. You can configure as many outgoing webhooks as you like per widget.

Step 1 - Enable Webhook Integration

Through the avatar menu in your top right corner you'll find the organization Apps and Integrations. Click enable to enable the Webhooks integration.

Step 2 - Configure Webhook for widget

Once enabled in your organization Apps and Integrations you'll find the integration in the widget Apps and Integrations through the hamburger menu of your widget.

Enter a name of you webhook, enter the adress it should connect with, a secret key and then click Configure New Webhook.

Open up your webhook by clicking Existing Configurations. You can then set the rules of your webhook eg. I want my webhook to POST when a new card is created.

Under Recent Deliveries you can track all the posts made by the webhook. A green tick indicates a successful POST and an orange tick indicates a non-successful POST.

Succsesful delivery

Non-succsesful delivery

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