You can learn how to enable integrations here.

Step 1 - Connecting your GitHub repository to your Favro organization.

Through the avatar menu you open the App Store and enable the GitHub Source Control integration.

When you press connect you will be taken to a GitHub authorize page. Choose your desired repository and Grant Access.

Enter your GitHub password.

Authorize the application.

Back in Favro you will now be able to connect with the repository you granted access from the in-house App Store.

Under Existing Repositories you will se the connect repository, you can choose the re-install it or disable it at any given time.

Step 2 - Hooking your repository to a board/backlog in Favro.

Click the hamburger menu for your widget and go the the widget App Store.

You will now be able to connect that widget to your GitHub repository and create rules for the integration.

Step 3 - Connect card with commit/pull request

Each card created in Favro will be given an ID.

Enter this ID in the description field when committing changes or opening pull requests. You can link to several cards in one commit/pull request. The card will then move on the board according to the rule you've set up.

There will also be an activity entry on the card with a link to view commit/compare.

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