Click on your avatar in top right corner, go the App store and under Productivity you can toggle on the Timesheets field for your cards. You can now add activities to a card's timesheet.

You can also edit all timesheet entries from this same view.

Timesheet totals will appear on the card,

and in the card.

Timesheet summaries will appear in column and board headers as well as in lane names if enabled.

If on the Enterprise plan, you also have access to powerful timesheet reports.


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  • Is there a way to see estimates vs time spent in one graph/report?

  • Hi Ian, yes there is! By going to "Advanced search" in the top right app meny. While in there, go to settings "hide / show columns" and toggle on both "estimation" and "time sheets". Once you've done this you should be able to see the total amount of estimated hours and time spent in the bottom left corner. Please let us know if you're having any difficulties.

  • Yeah I can see the two numbers but I seem to be only able to show one or the other on a graph?

  • Hi Ian,

    I'm afraid the graph doesn't let you visualize time and estimates side-by-side. This is something we want to improve upon though.

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