Card templates

Card templates allow you to set default values on cards when they are created in backlogs or boards. The app can be enabled for everyone to use via the Organization App Store.

Once enabled, you can save any card as a template for everyone to use or for a specific set of people.

Now from the backlog or board app store, you can choose the template you just saved.

Now, whenever creating cards in said backlog or board,

All the info from the template will be there.

The information that can be saved in a template is:

  • Description
  • Members
  • Tags
  • Tasklists and tasks
  • Start and due date
  • Estimation
  • Time spent


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  • Is there away to apply a template to any card with a particular tag? I don't want all cards within a backlog to have a single template.

  • I'm afraid not but it is a good suggestion.

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