The Reports App is found in the navigation menu, in the top right corner, under App Selection. This is a de-bundled app and will be opened in a new tab. The reports app will display your cards as charts and as a spreadsheet. You can freely filter the cards and save them as exportable reports.

The top bar dictates what criteria your report is going to be based on. Choose the criteria you want to filter by and it will displayed as a spreadsheet below.

You can choose to either include or exclude a chosen criteria by clicking the Add criteria button. There's a great variety of options to filter by.

The gear button, found to the right of your criteria fields, will give you the option to hide/show columns, include/exclude archived cards and you'll also have the option to export your report either as a CSV or Excel Document.

To the left of the gear button you'll see a charts button. By clicking it you'll have the option to display the filtered information as charts. By clicking this button a second section in the main window will appear, where you can customise and build your own charts.

At the top you'll have the option to save the report. You can choose to share it only to yourself, to everyone in your organization or to a specific set of people.

All saved reports that are shared with you will be displayed in the list to the left.



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  • Is it possible to see card hierarchy for backlogs in reports?

  • Hi Ivon,
    At the time this is not possible I'm afraid. There are still some things in the report section that needs to be expanded upon.

  • I'm doing the 30 day trial right now. How can I tell which features will be available to me at which levels? In particular, what type of reports are available at the small business level, how can I tell?

  • Hello Emily,

    The standard plan includes all the apps & integrations which are part of the "apps & integrations store" and the de-bundled report app in this post. However, the enterprise plan offers you timesheet reports and single sign on.

    Don't hesitate to reach back if you have any further questions.


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