Email to board/backlog

Email to board/backlog allows you to create cards from emails sent to a generated address. Once enabled in the organization, you can activate the integration in any backlog or board of which you are the owner.

On a board, you can set what column the card should be created in and in both boards and backlogs you have the option of creating cards at the top or bottom. Once the rule is created, an email will be automatically generated.

The rule tells you where the card will be created and who creates it. Using the highlighted email address you can create email rules or set up forwards to create cards automatically from received emails.

The subject line of your email will become the card title and the email body will fill out the description. In the activity feed, you can see that the card was created via Email. Attachments will be added as well and attached images will be automatically added as card thumbnails.

You can also add comments to cards by sending emails using the Email to card integration.

NOTE: Email to board/backlog and Email to card uses a third party service called Mailgun. Sending emails to Favro means that the data they contain will be handled by Mailgun.

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  • Is this the best option if I want to set up a mailing list in which costumers write in requests? If so, once the card is created, how can we make it so costumers get notifications in any changes or comments we make on the cards?

  • Right now there is no native functionality for updating the customer. What you could do though is set up an outgoing webhook which listens for comments created ( and then send this to a mail server.

  • Is there a smart way to send mails from within a card.
    The only way I see now is to BCC the link to the card, but I think it is much more efficient if you can send the mail from the card.

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