Widget Filter

In the hamburger menu of your widget you will find a menu option called Filter cards. This feature gives you the possibility to build your own filters for a specific widget (it's also accessible by using the keyboard shourtcut F when hoovering over a widget).

When enabled a query field will appear on your widget. You can then choose which criteria you want to apply to your filter.

You can also save your filter so that it can be re-used later on.

When saving it you will have the option to share the filter with everyone in your organization or you can pick a specific group of people.

The filter will be stored in your Saved filters.

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  • That looks cool, but the "filter" option doesn't exist in my menu... how come?

  • It's still in a testing phase and will be released very soon :-) Stay tuned!


  • Do you have any idea when could be released this feature?

  • Hello Villiam this feature is already released, you'll find it if you're on a trial or if you upgrade to the standard plan :)


  • Hello Jonathan. It's a great news. Big thanks to whole team that you are still improving favro.

  • Very cool feature! Quick question: After I filter out the cards in my backlog by some tag, how can I see the total estimate points ONLY for the filtered cards, as opposed to all the total estimate of all the cards?

  • Hi. I am currently on Trial for standard plan, and have set up filters on a board. The filters have been shared as "Everybody at MyTeam". However, my guest user cannot see the Filter option on their board menu. Is filter sharing available only for full members then?

    (I have also tried using the "These people" option to explicitly share with this user.  The filters still do not appear for her)  

  • Hi Simon,
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As guest users cannot access the filter option, they should not appear in the share dialogue. We have logged a bug for this.

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