Import from Trello

Importing a Trello board is a simple process. First, export your Trello board as a JSON file.

Next, open the collection you wish to import your board into and click the button in the top left corner and choose Import instead of Create.

This will open a dialog, choose Trello and browse for your saved JSON file.

Map your Trello users to Favro users and finalize the import.

And that's it! You're ready to carry on your work in Favro.

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  • How do I export/import from Favro to Favro? I need to migrate boards created from one free account (google) to a business account where my account is a regular account based on my business email address.

  • Hi Martin,

    Do you want to keep the old org? If not, you could just remove anything from the old org you no longer need, and then merge the org into the new one, carrying with you the boards and backlogs you need.

  • JSON goes to chrome not a file?

  • Hi Terris,
    Yes, when you click "Export as JSON" it will open the file in Chrome but you can just use ctrl/cmd+s to save it as a .json.

  • My import comes over but the image attachments don't come with the cards...?? help :D ty!

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