Favro Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are currently supported. Many of these act on the current card, which is set either by keyboard navigation, or by hovering with the mouse.

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  • Overriding system shortcuts is extremely bad UX, I use ⌘-H to manage my desktop and swap between apps, e.g. to get back from Favro to my Notes app or IDE with the default *system-defined* command [on macOS] to hide my browser (and thus Favro). But instead all my boards and backlogs collapse and I not only have to reopen them, but navigate to the other app some other way. It's extremely frustrating having this exception to normal and expected usage that applies only to the browser tab for Favro.

    Hope you fix this only blot on my experience with Favro so far!

    The ⌘-V and ⌘-Z overrides do not interfere with expected behaviour rather enhance it, thus are fine because they still work normally in other contexts (i.e. text fields).

  • What is Table View? (Some of the shortcuts only apply to table view).

  • @Jacob: Thank you for the feedback. Shortcuts in general is due some expanding and polish and suggestions like these are really helpful. Thanks.

    @Robc: Table view is another "mode" for backlogs. If you hover a backlog and press 'Y' you will switch to it. It is a tree view compact format of the backlog where you can build a hierarchy. You can read more here: https://help.favro.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002453065

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