Taxes and VAT in Favro

Taxes or Value Added Tax (VAT) might be applicable to your business as a result of your purchase of FAVRO. Tax rules will vary depending on your business’ location, meaning that in some cases we will add VAT or other sales taxes on your purchase (this is the case in Sweden for example), but that in some cases you will have to self-assess and pay VAT to your country of residence (so called “reverse charge”). You will at all times be responsible for knowing and complying with applicable tax laws. In case you have any questions around this we recommend you to consult with your local tax authority or a tax advisor.

Please note that the paid version of FAVRO may be used only by taxable persons. By “a taxable person” is meant any person or body who independently carries out in any place any business activity.


When you sign up for a paid version of FAVRO you represent that you are a taxable person, and you agree to indemnify Hansoft AB for any additional taxes or fees which may be imposed on Hansoft AB as a result of you using the tool.

In case you need to register your purchase of FAVRO, below is our tax information:

Hansoft AB

Dragarbrunnsgatan 41A

SE-753 20 Uppsala

Swedish VAT Number: SE556636012801


Information regarding Japanese reverse charge mechanism:

このたび、所得税法等の一部を改正する法律(平成 27 年法律第 9 号)等により、消費税法等の一部が改正されました。これに伴い、弊社製品の消費税の取り扱いが変更となります。

弊社の製品は、スウェーデン法人のHansoft ABより販売いたしております。日本国内の事業者であるお客様が弊社製品をご購入する場合、「事業者向け電気通信利用役務の提供」に該当し、消費税の「リバースチャージ方式」の対象となり、お客様自身で消費税を申告、納付が必要となりますのでご留意ください。ご不明な点につきましては、税務の専門家、税務署等にご確認いただけますようお願いいたします。

In accordance with the Act for Partial Revision of the Income Tax Act and Other Acts (Act No. 9 of 2015) in Japan, the Consumption Tax Act was partially amended with the revision of consumption taxation on cross-border supplies of services such as digital content distribution.

Our products are sold by Hansoft AB, Swedish legal entity. According to the revised law, the transaction which you purchased from us will be regarded as “provision of B2B electronic services” and it is subjected to “reverse charge mechanism”. Please note that under the “reverse charge mechanism”, consumption tax for the transaction needs to be filed/paid to Japanese local tax office by customer. If you have any question on this, we recommend you to consult with local tax advisor or tax office.

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