Defined Workflow

To access apps for your board click the hamburger menu on your board and go the App Store.

The defined workflow app allows you to apply a set of rules per column on a board in Favro. Once enabled, it gives on a per column basis the ability to define:

  • Whether cards can be created or committed in the column.
  • Which cards columns can be moved into on this board.
  • Which users can move cards from the column.

A Defined workflow is a powerful App that fits a wide range of scenarios for many different types of teams - from developers to office administrators.

For example, an office administration team might need to formally approve all vacation requests.

By allowing all members of staff to add vacation requests to the first column in the board and then locking down the Approvals column, they can ensure that all vacation requests are approved by those with the authority.



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  • Is there any way I can enable apps across boards in one collection?

  • Hello,

    You enable apps on boards individually, that's because they are sensitive to the board setup and also because the configuration itself can be different depending on the board. You can't as of now enable an app with a setup across an entire collection.


  • We've run into an issue where limiting who can move cards from a particular column causes problems. If a member moves a card to review, but then decides they need to make further changes, they are unable to move the card back to the Doing column. If we don't restrict this column, then any member can move the card into approved. Maybe it would make more sense to restrict who can move cards into a column than who can move from a column. Perhaps it requires both in order to cover all the bases.

  • Hi Jay,

    We have been discussing different ways we can improve upon the workflows app but nothing is set in stone yet. This makes sense though and I'll be sure to bring it up with the product team.


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