My To-Do List

You can open the To Do list by clicking its icon on the toolbar.

The To Do list includes all items that have been assigned to you across all collections in your organization. 

In the To Do list you can shift between two views: "Unfinished" and "Show all".

A completed task is marked by a check. Click the circle on your task to mark it as completed. 

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  • I can't seem to find where or how you assign a task to someone. It's probably right in front of my nose, but I don't see it. :)

  • If by "task" you mean "card" it's very easy. Just open up the card, press members, select the person you want to assign and you're done. The card will now show up in the assigned persons to-do-list :)

  • When I add a to-do card on the list, it gets messy, the card is not on any board. Do others see this card or is this one a personal todo?

  • Hello Mario,

    When you create a card in your own to-do it's only visible there and not anywhere else. This is user separate list.


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