Card Overview

Cards are the post-it notes of your boards and backlogs. But it can hold a lot more information then a traditional post-it note. This article gives you an overview of the functionality on your cards and will link to more in-depth articles if you want to explore further.

  1. Title - This is the name of your card.
  2. Description - Describe what your card is all about.
  3. Comments - Comment and converse on your card.
  4. Activity feed - Shows all the activity on your card
  5. Members - Add members to your card.
  6. Start/Due - Set start and due dates on your card.
  7. Tags - Tag your card.
  8. Tasklist - Create tasklists within your card.
  9. Files - Attach files to your card.
  10. Subscribe - Subscribe to your card
  11. Archive - Archive your card.
  12. Delete - Delete your card.
  13. Relations - Your cards relationships.
  14. Break down to Board - Turn your card into a board.
  15. Break down to Backlog - Turn your card into a backlog.
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