Notifications and Newsfeed

You can view activity on cards both in the card itself and in the newsfeed. To view activity on the card just click on the card and it will show as a list at the bottom.

You can also Hide activity to only show comments.

New notifications will be visualized with a counter on both the browser tab and on the bell icon in the app toolbar.


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  • Most of the time my favro tab pinned, so it would be create to see notifications also in favicon.

  • As you can see on the second screenshot of this article there is an indication besides the favicon as well :)


  • Is there a way for users to get a notification when a card is added to a board?

  • The users can subscribe to cards, columns and entire boards to receive notifications like this.

  • Hello, would it be possible to open newsfeed in a separate browser tab?

  • I'm afraid that is not currently possible.

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