The Tags system is one of our core features. Tags are used in cards and lanes and improves readability, simplifies search and groups items together.

To add a tag open a card press the Tags button. A search field and a couple of suggestions is presented. The suggestions are based on the last the tag you added, the most added tag in that column and the most added tag on that board. If the tag you're looking for is not presented in your suggestions just type in the search field and a search will be performed. To create new tags just type the name out and press enter.


To remove a tag from a card just click the next to the tag name. You can access tag options by clicking on a tag. Here you can change the name of the tag, its color or remove the tag completely from the Organization.

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  • Is there any shortcut to set tag on a card. E.g. in trello when a card has focus (your mouse is over the card) you can press L to popup the assign label dialog. I really miss that in favro.

  • Right now there is no shortcut for doing this. I find that the fastest way to tag at the moment is to use the batch editing mode (alt-clicking cards). We do want to add more shortcuts though.

  • Second this -- this is super slow when chunking for the week. Even just contextual shortcut like #thisisatag

  • Hi Robin,
    Is there a way to batch order the tags on a card?

    If not... FEATURE REQUEST!

  • There is not :(

    Thank you for the suggestion :)

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