Tree Structure Cards in Backlog

In your Backlog you can break down large tasks, stories or ideas into new cards. This can be very useful if you realize a card subject is far too large to be handled well.

In the above image, you can see a backlog that contains tasks that need to be done in preparation of a new team member joining. The round of introduction card can be easily handled a bit ad-hoc and needs no further break down. If a break down is needed though, you can click the plus symbol to the right to accomplish this.

The Office essentials card contains five more cards. Clicking on the number and arrow reveals the below list.

As you can see, the Office essentials card has been broken down into five new cards. You can see in the header that you are currently in a card break down. To return to the main backlog, you can click on the parent list. You may also notice that the cards in this sub-backlog also have plus symbols to the right. You can have an infinite amount of levels if this is needed for your process.


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  • If I have a card in the backlog that has been broken down into smaller cards (like in the example), and then drag that card onto a board, I lose all of the broken down cards. For example, if you drag "Office Essentials" onto a board, you lose the other cards (i.e., "Create login", "Install essential program", etc.

    Is this by design, or is it a bug?

  • Hello Pat,

    This is a known bug and we are working to resolve it. We are also preparing to release a "'power-backlog" with better functionality overall. So stay tuned, change is coming :-)


  • I just wanted to check in and see if this has been fixed yet?

    Thanks! Our team is loving Favro!

  • Yes this has been fixed. You can't "move" a card with sub-cards, even if you try the card will be committed instead.


  • Hi, any news on this "'power-backlog"? Its name sounds promising :)

  • @Maros: It has made its way back to the public roadmap and it is one of our higher priorities. However, we really want to make this feature right as there are many use cases to cover. No ETA as of yet.

  • Thanks! From its description in the roadmap, it looks like it will be exactly the thing our team is waiting for :)

  • I just discovered this awesome feature, and love it. Is there any plan to make this the default behavior of ALL cards? I'd love to see this depth within cards on Boards. Would also be extended quite a bit if subcards can also have a "complete" state like a task, so that the parent card can show progress.

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